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Food Truck Services

AAFT offers a variety of services including Food Truck Consulting, Social Media Management, and Food Photography. Let us help you take your Food Truck game to the next level!

Food Truck Consulting

Thinking of Starting a food truck? Already have a food truck and want to know what you can do better? Let us put our expertise to work and show you how to rock the food truck scene!

Food Photography

Photos, Photos, and more Photos! Can you ever have enough of them? The answer is absolutely not! Keeping your photos and content fresh is important. Appealing food photos are hard to capture. Let us help and let your food sell itself!

Social Media Management

Struggling with Social Media? Let us help! Food truck owners wear a multitude of hats and time is of the essence. Social Media is paramount to a food truck’s success and can help drive traffic to your truck. We offer several packages that make Social Media Management affordable.

Menu Design

Menu design is an essential part to a food truck's success. Whether it be design elements, layouts, or item selection, we can help you nail your menu!

Content Creation

Fresh content is just as important as fresh food! Let us help you engage with your consumers in new and exciting ways via photos, videos, marketing and more!

Logo Design

Need a new or updated logo? We can help! Our team has extensive experience with branding and logo creation. Let us show you what a difference a good logo can make.


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